SIGJ Services provides computer forensic consultation for all areas of the law including theft of intellectual property, breach of contract, employment matters, civil rights and family law.

This involves recovering, documenting, preserving and analyzing digital evidence from a variety of electronic media, including laptop, desktop and handheld computers, digital cameras, as well as removable media such as CD-ROMS, DVDs, flash media, floppy disks, and Zip disks.

We use a variety of court-proven computer forensic software, from the top vendors in the industry. In addition, our Unix scripting expertise allows fully-customizable searches to meet our clients' data discovery needs.

Data recovery services for corporate clients and individuals are offered as well.

Computer Forensics: The collection of techniques and tools used to find evidence in a computer. Computer Forensic Examiner: A trained professional who specializes in computer forensics. SIGJ Services: Your computer forensics expert.